Wipes - Collection Little Fox and his Friends in the Forest - Pack of 10 - 10x10cm


Set of 10 Wipes 10x10cm - Collection Little Fox and his Friends in the Forest

Practical and economical, this set of 10 water green and orange sponge printed wipes will be useful for baby changing care, washing, but also to help your child become clean.

The fabrics used are OekoTex certified, free of substances harmful to health and the environment.

From the changing table to the bathroom, these wipes will always be very useful!

- Wipes: 10 cm x 10 cm

Composition :
- The cotton fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, a label guaranteeing the absence of substances harmful to health, the skin and the environment.

Interview :
-----> Here are my tips for properly caring for your wipes:
- If they are stained, wash with Marseille soap and rinse with clear water. No need to put your wipes in the machine for each use, once a week is enough.

Machine wash:
- Use the laundry net* so you don't lose your wipes. The wipes can be washed with your clothes at 40°.

Deep wash every 6 months:
- In a basin, pour 2 tbsp of baking soda into 1L of lukewarm water. Stir then add 1 glass of white vinegar. Leave to soak overnight, then machine wash at 60° with a double rinse.

Your wipes will stay spotless!

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