Nomadic changing mat in WAX - Ethnic - Blue/Bordeaux/Yellow


Wherever you are: on vacation, on the road, in the car, at Grandma's, etc. This changing mat for changing baby is undeniably the essential accessory always within reach.

Easy to transport, you will have peace of mind by having it nearby and will appreciate its two foldable pockets to store diapers and other things needed for changing your baby.


Made from a WAX cotton fabric printed with African motifs on the outside and plain yellow cotton on the inside.

There is a fleece pad to rest baby's head on.

Two swaddles that can be portioned by pressing on the mat are made: one in white sponge edged with a blue bias, the other in blue sponge edged with a burgundy bias.

In the lower part of each side: two pockets so you can have everything you need for changing baby close at hand.

The mattress folds into three and closes with a large exterior button.

- Open mattress: Total height 73cm x Width 35cm
- Folded mattress: Height 16cm x Width 35cm
- 2 fold-out pockets: Height 22cm x Width 20cm
- 2 sponge diapers: Height 55cm x Width 32cm

- 100% printed cotton and plain cotton
- Colored cotton bias
- 100% cotton terrycloth diapers
- Silicone pressures
- Button

- Machine wash at 30/40°.
- Gentle machine drying possible.
- Gentle ironing.

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