Montessori-style gripping ball


The Montessori grip ball is an educational tool used in the Montessori method to help children develop their fine motor skills and dexterity. It comes in the form of a disco ball, which is designed to be manipulated by the child using their hands. This ergonomic ball is made up of 23 pads made so that the child can grip them correctly between their fingers and can handle the ball easily. The balls are colorful and very attractive to little ones.

This ball can be used in several ways which I will detail below.

It can be used by children from 3/4 months, with several different uses depending on the child's development.

Initially, when the baby begins to show the need to grasp an object in his hands, the grip ball can be hung as a mobile at the toddler's chest, so that he can practice grasping. catch and develop fine motor skills. It is therefore essential to have a play mat so that the baby is comfortable and can move around with ease. The ball can also be hung mobile, but at baby's feet this time, so that the latter can practice pedaling to touch the ball. In all cases, the grip ball was created so that the child can develop his motor skills.

***(Montessori source)

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Composition :
- The fabrics are OekoTex certified, a label guaranteeing the absence of substances harmful to health, skin and the environment.
- Soft anti-mite polyester padding.

Interview :
- I recommend hand washing. However, you can machine wash it at 30° maximum, gentle spin.
- No machine drying.

- Approximately 16cm in diameter.

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